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Oh my goodness!  I can smell Spring in the air -- finally, and I love it!  The garden was turned over this week and we've expanded -- again!  Thanks Dan Terry - you're the best!  More tomatos, more peppers, more........... more................. more.............. John and I are making plans as to when we'll start putting seeds and plants in the ground -- snow peas, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce!  It looks like we'll be putting in the cool weather crops next week.  I'm so excited about having fresh vegetables just outside the back door again.  I love coming home and making a meal out of our garden - it's a satisfying feeling when I can look at what we've planted and produced, and bring it to our table.  Love it!  Of course, the beginning of the planting season, means the beginning of the planning for our salsas, jellies, pickles and sauces.  Looking into new recipes this year and we hope to expand but also make sure we keep producing in the high-quality fashion that our friends, family, and customers have come to expect from us.  If I won't serve it on my table, I don't want you to serve it on yours!  2011 has already delivered, and I'm sure it's bounty will continue for our business and our personal lives.  Many of our friends and family have had a quick start in 2011 and made some significant changes in their lives!  I'm looking forward with great anticipation and excitement.  As I put together some new recipes, I'll be sure to share them with all of you!   day! 
Sunday -- end of the week, or the start of a new one?  Maybe a little of both!  Time to reflect on the previous week which ended close to perfect -- spending the weekend on Hatteras Island was as close to God as I can get.  Since I was a little girl, I always remember being able to find my balance when I visited the ocean.  No matter where life has taken me -- the ocean reminds me of how big and great God really is.  This weekend was no different!  Thankful for children and grandchildren who I adore; thankful for a husband who let me get away to the beach while he stayed at home to work; thankful for and reflective of wonderful friends who have had a tough week and faced some heartbreaking and difficult challenges (the sudden loss of a special person; moving your family and accepting a new job opportunity).  Charlie Brown says in the book of Life, the answers aren't in the back.  So .... even though the answers aren't in the back, I'm going to continue to read and take my chances on the answers!  That Charlie Brown -- he was one smart guy!   
I found a guy who calls me beautiful instead of hot, who called me back when I hung up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to my heartbeat, or stays awake just to watch me sleep...........I waited for the boy who kisses my forehead, who wants to show me off to the world when I'm at my worst, who holds my hand in front of his friends, who thinks I'm just as pretty without who constantly reminds me of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have me.............the one who turns to his friends and says "that's my girl."  I love you John Yohman.  Thank you for your love and support, as we start this new journey, and thank you for dreaming with me.  It won't be a dull moment, I promise.  But ............ really has it been dull so far?