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Sunday -- end of the week, or the start of a new one?  Maybe a little of both!  Time to reflect on the previous week which ended close to perfect -- spending the weekend on Hatteras Island was as close to God as I can get.  Since I was a little girl, I always remember being able to find my balance when I visited the ocean.  No matter where life has taken me -- the ocean reminds me of how big and great God really is.  This weekend was no different!  Thankful for children and grandchildren who I adore; thankful for a husband who let me get away to the beach while he stayed at home to work; thankful for and reflective of wonderful friends who have had a tough week and faced some heartbreaking and difficult challenges (the sudden loss of a special person; moving your family and accepting a new job opportunity).  Charlie Brown says in the book of Life, the answers aren't in the back.  So .... even though the answers aren't in the back, I'm going to continue to read and take my chances on the answers!  That Charlie Brown -- he was one smart guy!