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John and I have so much for which we're thankful and we feel truly blessed - strong healthy children and grandchildren, careers, wonderful family and friends and a life that's always giving us challenges and opportunities. We try to take on each day expecting something great to happen.  But we also know that our blessings shouldn't be taken for granted.  There but by the grace of God go I is something I often think.  What makes me better or different from the guy who is less fortunate than I -- nothing -- nothing at all except for the grace of our God.  That's why giving back and paying it forward has always been important to us.  We're strongly involved with the Dreams Come True Foundation which is a wonderful organization that benefits childen in the Central Virginia area suffering from life-altering diseases; but again, we're truly blessed to be a part of such a strong and wonderful organization.   But ....... we want to do a little more before this year comes to an end.  So ...... for the month of December, Yohmans' Garden will be donating 10% of its profits to the Central Virginia Food Bank.  This organization doesn't get enough support or credit.  They help feed the young and old across Central Virginia, with the Meals on Wheels program, Community Kitchen, Kids' Cafe and backpack program.  My grandfather, Bob Horne, always made sure his family and friends had food on the table.  Bob Horne didn't want anyone to go hungry and as long as he could help it, the people that he knew and loved weren't hungry.  So in honor of my grandfather, during December, Yohmans' Garden will be helping the Central Virginia Food Bank feed the young and old.  Get involved, give back and pay it forward.  The Central Virginia Food Bank at or the Dreams Come True Foundation could use your monetary donations  or your time  I promise you'll get back in return much more than you give.  Let's start December remembering the joy of giving.

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